Polyethylene Packaging

APEX blown film plastics division manufacture plastics Oman


We know our customers and their needs, and the APEX plastic blow film division is well-equipped to handle anything we build for the hundreds of industries we serve. Featuring state of the art, fully-automated machinery, including three layer extrusion machines capable of producing films from the incredible range of 60cm through till 6 meters in width. These are fitted with in-line flexographic printing, and are capable of delivering precise prints of up to 8 colors with amazing speed and accuracy. 

APEX plastic blow film division also utilises industry-leading bag making, cutting sealing machines (bag on roll and flat pack), as well as bags with adhesive closures, wicketed poultry and bread bags, and drawtape liners.

In the range of polyethylene packaging products, you can add:

  1. Poultry bags
  2. Bread bags
  3. Tamper evident bags
  4. Adhesive closure bags

We’re constantly adding machinery - and therefore possibilities - to our range for polyethylene packaging products, which includes:

  • LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE star sealed trash liners (with and without core), 
  • tube rolls 
  • sheet rolls
  • shrink films
  • stretch films
  • laundry bags
  • garment bags
  • table covers
  • poultry bags
  • bread bags
  • tamper evident bags
  • adhesive closure bags

Drop us a line for details or special requests, or take a look at our specialities at APEX: industrial packaging, products for the healthcare sector, and the food and beverage industry.