APEX is proud to produce FDA-approved Class I and Class II Medical Devices classes which it exports - along with more than 300 other healthcare products - to facilities around the world. From specialized liners for bio-hazard waste collection to emesis bags, tamper evident bags, and much more, we specialise in manufacturing medical and health support products that meet the most stringent of requirements.

With unparalleled lead times to the USA, India, Pakistan, China, and Europe from our position in the Gulf of Oman, we provide what our healthcare partners need, with precision and efficiency. 

Get in touch with any questions or requirements on the APEX healthcare range, which currently includes:

  • Specialized liners in HDPE / LLDPE / LDPE for general, biohazard, infectious waste, and soiled lined waste collection
  • Tamper Evident bags
  • Specimen Collection bags
  • Emesis Bags
  • Bedside Bags with adhesive strips
  • CDS Pouches with adhesive strips
  • LDPE Drawtape / drawcord liners with plastic toggles
  • Ventilation and other poly bags


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