Tripled productivity on medical devices

Every industry has faced challenges arising from the COVID pandemic; but none more so than the healthcare sector. 

Faced with sudden exceptional demand, our clients had to ramp up productivity on a highly-regulated patient contact bag - an FDA Class One Medical Device, which can only be manufactured in select FDA-approved facilities.

APEX is one of the few in the MENA region with this approval, and we're very familiar with how exact and strict the requirements are for such products. Our team got to work on the problem of how to boost productivity for these devices, and get it done fast, while keeping the necessary standards in place.

Working closely with our client, the APEX team was able to semi-automate a previously labor-intensive process. We developed and fabricated from scratch a machine which cut down the labor requirement for the build - and increased productivity by 300% with the same labor force. The new system allowed us to meet the client's demands. And on top of that, we cut costs, and passed on double-digit savings to our healthcare client.