In-house ingenuity creates in-country value

Our family business has been based here in the Sultanate of Oman for generations, and we're in a fantastic position, figuratively and literally; operating out of the 6th best port in the world and the fastest-growing one in the region, and located in a stable and secure country, we've been spared most of the supply chain issues the recent pandemic has brought about. 

So we're always pleased to tackle problems facing local companies. We were recently asked to take a look at creating a poultry bag which could run on a fully automated poultry packaging line. This process is critical to the client's business -the bag needed excellent sealing to ensure there was no ripping during the insertion of poultry, which would otherwise cause the lines to stop. And our client had been importing these bags from out of Oman, but wanted to see if a company closer to home could solve the issue.

Our first task was to identify the plant and machinery that would be needed to develop such a bag. Then, the APEX R&D department set to work on creating a unique material blend - one that would ensure the quality parameters were met or exceeded, but that at the same time would come in at the right price.

The team went above and beyond and, tapping into their vast experience in custom creations for other clients these three past decades, were able to come up with the perfect product, at the target price. Our local client is now able to source their bags locally, boosting in-country value; a win-win for them and for Oman.