Healthcare product challenge: accepted

Apex TransGulf Manufacturing healthcare medical devices FDA

Being as passionate as we are about finding solutions to our customers' problems, we relished the recent challenge set us by a client in the US healthcare sector.

Our client was looking for specialized liners for their facilities. They needed to reduce the overall thickness of a bag, thereby reducing its cost - but maintaining the bag's holding capacity, strength, and puncture resistance. That was the challenge for the team at APEX, and we took it on without hesitation. We have a huge number of healthcare clients at APEX, so the Research & Development team understand that in healthcare operations, the quality and effectiveness of every item involved is absolutely critical.

The R&D team went to work. After a lot of brainstorming, experimentation, and effort, APEX came up with a unique blend that enabled us to deliver a star seal liner that reduced bag thickness by 18% - without compromising quality, and solving the problem for our healtcare clients.